Beats Empire: Play with data, analyze trends, dominate the music industry.

A music management game for formatively assessing students understanding of data.

When classrooms play this free research-based game, learners share what they know and can do with data and computational thinking. Learners are highly engaged as they use data to advance the careers for their musical artists. Teachers can take stock of what students know and support students to learn about data collection, storage, visualization, and inferences.

The Research team has been observing classrooms and is sharing insights about how playful assessment can support teaching and learning the K-12 Computer Science Framework.

Use in Your Classroom

Learn how to use the Beats Empire game to meet standards and learning objectives in Middle School Science, Math, Social Studies, and Computer Science classrooms!”

What We Learned

We aimed to advance research about playful assessment, computational thinking, teacher dashboards within an design-based research approach. Learn more about our findings and future research.

Serious Play 2019 Silver Medla
Serious Play 2019
Silver Medal Winner

Students will have a blast with the music production and band-managing theme that carries with it some useful lessons in 21st century skills.

Common Sense Media

 “Satabdi Basu will present our paper on The Role of Evidence Centered Design and Participatory Design in a Playful Assessment for Computational Thinking About Data on Saturday, March 14, 2020 at the ACM conference on Computer Science Education in Portland.”